my weekend


On the weekend I went to town and saw everyone cleaning the garden and going outside. It was strange but I stuck with it. Everyone was wearing a mask and gloves and some were putting hand sanitizer on. It was nice to see the warehouse back open. Everything was kind of normal but not at the same time.


I read about basketball is about how you understand where and what do you do 

on the court.Basketball is a team sport in which two teams,most commonly of five players each.Basketball starts by a tip off the point guard stays at the three point line shooting guard is the same with the point guard small forward,power forward center are inside the three the 2 pointer. 


My favorite book

My favorite book is dog man they are 6 series of them first one was my favorite it’s about this cop and the cop dog and that blew up with a bomb and they stitch the dogs head to the cops body and that how they became dog man I read about like 10 times there are other series like these one like the cat and the big tank.

If your a big fan of basketball and sushi this will be your dream a shoe-shi sushi you probably you don’t it’s a shoe that’s edible made from sushi you have to travel to Italy  there is a chef he loved shoes and works at a sushi restaurant in japan one day he stumbles across Nike and supreme and he was like let’s make an edible shoes.It brings a whole new meaning to ‘playing with your food.