Our group has been reading Alone On A Wide Wide Sea. It’s about this Orphan in WWII that got shipped to Australia. A boy named Arthur was separated from her sister, his sister was sent to the other side of the world in England. His friend is named Marty and they go to work¬† on a farm. They got treated like slaves. Arthur’s friend Wes, died of dehydration and they escaped from Piggy Bacon¬† within hours. They find the bushmen. They bushmen give them fruit to have some energy. They find Aunty Meg and her animals and they discover they had a talent for designing yachts. Arthur dies of a brain tumor and Allie tells the story. Allie sailed to her long lost sister in Englands.


I like the story but at the end it wasn’t exciting but I would give it out of 7 out of 10. My favourite character Allie because of the trip to see her long lost sister.

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