playing hard🥇🏆

Warming up I see the other team, I’m saying to myself they are so tall I’m so short. It was heated OIS vs Duntroon because it was to be determined if we won we would come second in the tournament. Wee wanted to win so bad.


Time to play, we won the tip off. I had so much energy that I could run forever. We scored, but at the end of  the first quarter we were down by 10. I was at the bench looking left and right where the ball goes and clapping when we got a point. In the second quarter I got the ball. I was thinking about all the things that I had practiced.I ran to the hoop and I passed to Henry and in it goes. Defending was hard because they were tall and I’m short.


The quarter goes so fast it’s already the third quarter and we’re up by 4 or 3, I can’t remember because it was a while ago. I’m on the bench, I know OIS can come back.Before I know it, OIS are winning. In the last quarter we have the ball. I run, dribble,pass,defend,shoot. One minute left of the quarter and we’re now winning. Now we just have to defend hard. I see the clock ticking 59,58, 57 and on and on.  We won and everyone is clapping. 


On the way home I was thinking about the game we won. I know it was the hard work, dedication, practicing. All night I was thinking about the game and how we won.


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