MY house

My house sits on top of the mountains overlooking the farm. We have a short gravel driveway that is where you visit the park and you will be greeted with a dog. My house is made out of big bricks and a blak and there is a basketball hoop outside the cow surrounding it. My house has a garden at the back with all of the colours in the rainbow My house is shining with colour inside with LED light that can turn different colours of the rainbow that is my house.   


MY favourite part of my house is my basketball hoop outside everyday. I do some basketball shots.My favourite part inside of the house is my bedroom because I have everything I need is there.  

One thought on “MY house”

  1. Great descriptive writing Bray – I love how you have said that your house shines with colour inside because of the LED lights. I am just a little confused about the basketball hoop outside the cow? What exactly do you mean?

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