My favorite book

My favorite book is dog man they are 6 series of them first one was my favorite it’s about this cop and the cop dog and that blew up with a bomb and they stitch the dogs head to the cops body and that how they became dog man I read about like 10 times there are other series like these one like the cat and the big tank.

If your a big fan of basketball and sushi this will be your dream a shoe-shi sushi you probably you don’t it’s a shoe that’s edible made from sushi you have to travel to Italy  there is a chef he loved shoes and works at a sushi restaurant in japan one day he stumbles across Nike and supreme and he was like let’s make an edible shoes.It brings a whole new meaning to ‘playing with your food.



Stone fish

Stone fish look like rocks to camouflage their body. Their bodies look like rocks and are up to 14 to 20 Inch in length. They have several spikes on their back, three of them are the most venomous.


They have a million eggs but not all of them hatch. They are Eaten by the shark Octopus and other big animals. 

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There are 5 species of stone fish ,they live close to Coral reefs and underwater rocks to camouflage under and they live up to 5 to 10 year old. They stay Above in the water for 24 hours.

100 word challenge

The giraffe was tall and everyone bullied him and the bully punched him, it was so painful that he fell to the ground. He ran away from the bullies, he cried. He ran home after school. He was home alone with Dusty his dog until his mum came home. His mum went to his room and said, “Do you want to go to the park and play?” The giraffe said OK. Looking down he walked with his tablet and put on his favorite song, “What about us” by Pink and  sang  it all the way to the park .